Flower and Bird-2

Flower and Bird:

Flower and bird painting is a form of Iranian art who se registration has been put off for so long. This type of painting includes two simple elements which could be found all over the world, namely flowers and bird. Flower and Bird painting reached its pinnacle in Safavid era, a period that is contemporary with botanical paintings in Europe.
 Flowers and birds is style of Iranian painting.
 Flowers and birds, a symbol of God‘s grace and delicate expression.
Vintage romantic flowers and birds to praise God and to the right metaphor.
Flowers, as her lover and bird lover.
In painting, flowers and birds, creating harmony between the elements of the painting is very delicate.
Here, you can see several works of master Leili Azimi.
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Paint Style “flowers and birds”, the Iranian gold foil form



Paint Style “flowers and birds”, on handmade paper, very worthwhile, with plenty of gravel Karyhay



Paint in on The Wood box

Part of the overall design, painting flowers and birds



Painting of Flower and Bird on The Mirror Frame

painting, the style of “flowers and birds” on the front surface of a lacquered box



Mirror Frame azimi Neyhoor

Part of a mirror, style of painting “Flowers and birds”, a beautiful and valuable

Azimi Neyhoor

Lucky flower painting in the style of the Qajar period, Lacrimal Form and arabesques around with gold


Azimi Neyhoor

Painting on pearl oysters